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Om Namah: Shivaay. Mahadev(shiva) is also named as Shiva- ‘Om’ is the first name of Mahadev and then ‘Naman’ to Shiva. ‘Satyam, Shivam and Sundaram’ which is pure truth is Brahma: – Brahma means God. The one who is Mahadev is the supreme auspicious and pure self element and the one who is Brahma is the ultimate nature. That is, nothing is known other than God, Mahadev and Parvati. Knowing them and getting absorbed in them is the way – Hindutva.

Mahadev is eternal, etc., middle and infinite. Mahadev is the first and Mahadev is the last. Mahadev is the only ultimate cause and function of whole Sanatana Dharma. Mahadev(shiva) is the root of religion. From Mahadev itself there is religion, meaning, work and salvation. All the world is in the shelter of Shiva, which is not a refuge for Shiva, that creature drowns in a deep trough of sorrow, it is said as Purana. Nature never forgives anyone who unknowingly insults Mahadev.

Mahadev himself is Brahma: Mahadev holds the posture of Yaksha and has long beautiful hands, which have ‘jinx’ bow in his hands, which are Satta Swarup i.e. Sanatan, omvar Swarupa Divya Gunasupa, despite being bright, who is the Digambara. Those who are wearing the necklace of Mahadev(shiva) Nagaraja Vasuki, Ardhangn with ash or ghosts on the body, Jatadhari, Rudraksh and snake around the neck, dance the Tandava and Nandi lives with them.

There is a third eye on his forehead. They are always calm and meditative.

It is believed that according to Mahadev(shiva) Purana, Shiva’s parents are Sadashiv and Durga. Sadashiv from Brahm (Parameshwara), Durga from Sadashiva. Mahadev, Rudra,Brahma and Vishnu originated from Sadasiva-Durga. He was called Mahadev because of Rudra’s eternal form.

According to Shivpuran, once Vishnu and Brahma both fought for supremacy, in the middle a pillar Arises. Then both of them asked- ‘What are the characteristics of the 5 duties of God’s creation etc.? Tell this to both of us.

Then Jyotirling Roop Kaal said- ‘son, both of you have done austerities and have received two acts of creation (birth) and status (observance) from me. In the same way, Maheshwar and Rudra, my Vibhuti form, have received Sanhaar (destruction) and Tiro bhava (akritya), but cannot find any other act called Anugraha (Kripa).Both Maheshwar and Rudra have not forgotten their act, so I have given them equal equality. ‘ Sadashiv says- Mahesh and Rudra keep the same vehicle as me, disguise themselves like me and they have weapons like me. They are similar to me in form, vehicle, posture, dress and act.

It is because of Mahadev that all religions originate: Mahadev is the teacher and God of the world. According to the recognition, Mahadev gave his knowledge to the sages. The Sapt Rishis took knowledge from Mahadev and spread it in different directions and spread Shaivism, yoga and knowledge in every corner of the earth. These seven sages have not left any person who has not been taught knowledge of Mahadev karma, tradition etc. Today it will be seen in all religions.

Sapta Rishi is the first pupil of Shiva: Lord Mahadev(shiva) is the main yogi and he has the most profound comprehension of human instinct. He chose 7 sages to extend their insight and gave them information on various parts of yoga, which turned into the 7 essential parts of yoga. After some time, several branches rose up out of these 7 structures. Afterward, seeing the unpredictability of yoga, Patanjali absorbed the whole Yoga Shastra in 200 sutras in 300 BC. The eighth appendage of yoga is moksha. 7 Angas are there to arrive at that salvation. 


Har Har Mahadev

It was Mahadev(shiva) who began the Guru and Shishya convention, because of which even today, Nath, Shaiva, Shakta, and so on., all the holy people keep on following a similar custom. Adi Guru Shankaracharya and Guru Gorakhnath conveyed this convention further. Because of the devotees of Shiva, distinctive various religions have been set up on the planet. Universally acclaimed researcher Professor admirer of Buddhist writing accepts that Shankar was conceived as a Buddha.He likewise introduced a few contentions in such manner – alluding to the 27 Buddhas referenced in the Pali writings, he said that among them the three names of Buddha are old – Tanankar, Shankar and Meghankar. Similarly, Lord Mahadev(shiva) unmistakably affected the way of life and religion of the West. In Mushrik, Yazidi, Sabian, Subi, Ibrahimi religions, the impression of Shiva’s quality can be unmistakably observed. A follower of Mahadev(shiva) had established the framework of Shiva’s religion by setting off toward the west, whose name and structure changed after some time. 

In the Rigveda, there is a depiction of Vrishabhadeva, the first Tirthankara of the Jains, called Rishabhanath. They are likewise called Adinath and Mahadev(shiva) is additionally called Adinath. It is accepted that after Shiva, a custom was initially begun from him which later got partitioned into Shaiva, Siddha, Nath, Digambar and Sufi orders. In any case it involves inquire about. The Mahadev(shiva) convention is referenced in the sacred texts of Shaivas, Shaktas. India K. Chandravanshi, Suryavanshi, Agnivanshi and Nagvanshi are likewise considered by the convention of Shiva. The divinity of India’s defender and innate position is Shiva. Shaivism is meant to be the religion of all the tribals of the world. 

Shrikhand Mahadev(shiva) has been revered in India as well as in numerous different nations of the world. Numerous confirmations of this have been gotten every once in a while. Unearthings at Harappa and Mohenjodaro have additionally discovered such remains which offer proof of Mahadev(shiva) venerate. A Gana Nandi of Mahadev(shiva) formed Kamasastra.Kamasutra was composed based on Kamasastra itself. At last, the way of thinking and biography of Mahadev(shiva) is available in various structures in each religion of the world and their writings and the purpose behind this distinction is the changing of convention and language. 

Badge of all religions in astounding outfits: You probably observed an image or sculpture of Lord Shankar. Shiva’s shoes are. Those jatas have a sickle moon sign, which is an image of numerous religions. They convey a snake and a festoon of Rudraksha around their neck. He has a damru in one hand and a trident in the other.A bow and bolt on his shoulder. He used to have Sudarshan Chakra in his grasp some time back, in light of the fact that he fabricated it. Mahadev(shiva) is wearing Tripund Tilak on his head. 

He is wearing a curl in the ears, a surge of Ganga radiating from the fly, and burning the whole body. They keep their lower body secured with skin. They ride Taurus and contemplate Mount Kailash. His Deity structure is Shivalinga. Have you at any point considered what is the mystery behind all these Mahadev(shiva) images? The ensembles of Mahadev(shiva) are with the end goal that individuals of each religion can discover their images in them. 

Divine force of Gods: Mahadev: During the hours of Brahma and Indra, there was rivalry from the evil presences of the divine beings. In such a circumstance, at whatever point the Gods were in a difficult situation, they all went to Devadhidev Mahadev. Divine beings including evil spirits, devils additionally tested Mahadev(shiva) commonly, yet they all surrendered and bowed to Shiva, hence Mahadev(shiva) is Mahadev, the lord of the gods.He is likewise the adored God of evil presences, evil spirits and apparitions. Devas who venerate Bhagavan Mahadev(shiva) are all alongside evil presences, devils, devils, vampires, gandharvas, yakshas and so forth. He offers shelter to Ravana just as Rama. 

Varadani Shiva: Immediately satisfied: Shiva’s greatness is found in the Puranas. On being deceived by Brahma, Mahadev(shiva) reviled Brahma and gave a help to Vishnu. They were trapped in the snare of the shelter that Mahadev(shiva) had given to Bhasmasura. Mahadev(shiva) had expended Kamdev. Mahadev(shiva) decimated Daksha’s yajna.Whether an evil spirit, a god or a customary human, Mahadev(shiva) never oppressed his lovers. On the off chance that somebody genuinely recollects that them, they effectively make them their own and satisfy all their desires. He offered aids to numerous devils like Bhasmasura, Shukracharya, Ravana and so on. The significance of Mahadev(shiva) is as much in the left way for what it’s worth in the south. It is difficult to try to salvation without Shiva. 

Neelkanth Shiva: The noxious snake sits on Lord Shiva’s throat. Mahadev(shiva) had a toxic substance named Kalkoot which came out during Amrit Manthan. It is additionally called Hallahal. Kalkuta was a harmful earth which would have crushed the earth. What might have occurred if Lord Mahadev(shiva) would have flushed the entire toxin totally. In any case, nobody had the capacity to drink that poison. Master Mahadev(shiva) conveyed that poison in his throat.His throat got blue because of wearing it in the throat. That is the reason they are called Neelkanth. Numerous researchers consider the wonder of sea stirring to be an emblematic occasion that is bogus. Accepting that they need to make the authentic occasions of Hinduism fantasy and mythic. While such an episode occurred and there is proof of this. There is additionally the sap of a plant called kalkut which is enthusiastic. Its medication is made.

Mahadev(shiva) gave to family and spouses: All Mahadev(shiva) cherished Sati and furthermore adored her in the following life and thought of them as her life accomplice. Shiva’s feeling of devotion and adoration for his better half is with the end goal that no other model can be found. While not enduring the affront of her significant other, Mahadev(shiva) likewise turns out to be so enthusiastic in his better half’s separation in the wake of bouncing into the conciliatory fire of Daksha of Mother Sati that by pulverizing everything, he continues visiting the earth alongside the assortment of Sati. .At the point when his body is totally obliterated, he goes to the Himalayas and sets up a tomb. 

At that point when the move of Cupid is upset by his samadhi, at that point he devours Kamadeva as a discipline. At the point when the Gods and Gods reveal to them that Sati is doing hard compensation to get you conceived as Parvati then their displeasure is calmed.They are cheerful again in the wake of getting Sati. This shows how selective Mahadev(shiva) is and adoring his significant other’s spirit. It is superb to hear both Mahadev(shiva) and Parvati depicting their affection and devotion towards one another. 

Shiva’s family is astounding: Shiva’s family is an awesome thing. Solidarity in decent variety and parity in complexities can be gained from the Mahadev(shiva) family itself. In the event that you see the vehicles of each Mahadev(shiva) family or the creatures related with them, at that point the area of drinking a ghat water can be seen plainly. Shivaputra Karthikeya’s vehicle is a peacock, however Shivji’s adornments are snakes. Coincidentally, peacock and snake are enemies.Here, Ganpati’s vehicle is a rodent, while the snake is a rat. Parvati herself is Symbol of power, Jagadamba’s vehicle is a Lion. However, Shivji’s vehicle is a Nandi bull. What is the status of the poor bull before the lion? Be that as it may, despite these adversaries and significant levels of defeat, Shiva’s family cheerfully gets to know one another on Mount Kailash. 

Mahadev(shiva) and Parvati likewise play Chaupar, they additionally cannabis. Ganapathi considers rotating of guardians as a world visit equal. Notwithstanding the logical inconsistencies, irregularities and contradictions of nature, everything is simple, on the grounds that the leader of the family has placed all the toxic substance in his throat. The Mahadev(shiva) family is a genuine case of the harmony between inconsistencies. In the house where the Mahadev(shiva) family is imagined, there is family solidarity, love and amicability. 

Cutting and Adding Head: Lord Mahadev(shiva) had decapitated Ganesha and put an elephant’s head on it. Raja Daksha was decapitated by his Gana Veerabhadra, yet Mahadev(shiva) later excused Daksha and put a goat’s head on his middle. Essentially, he had additionally executed Jalandhar. The leader of the three Tarkaksha, Kamalaksha and Vidyunmali were cut off by a solitary bolt. By removing his head, he was called Tripurasura. He once cut off one of his heads in view of being deceived by Brahma. First Brahma had five heads. Panchamukhi Brahma. 

Mahadev(shiva) had these weapons and weapons: Very scarcely any individuals realize that Sudarshan Chakra was made by Lord Shankar. As per antiquated and bona fide sacred texts, it was worked by Lord Shankar. After development Lord Mahadev(shiva) gave it over to Srivishnu. Srivishnu offered it to Goddess Parvati when required. Parvati offered it to Parashurama and Lord Krishna got this Sudarshan Chakra from Parashurama.Pinaka, the bow of Shiva, was the biggest and incredible bow on the planet. Mists burst from the bow of the bow which Mahadev(shiva) had made and mountains began moving. Maybe a quake had happened. This bow was amazing which nobody can lift. Prabhu Shriram did the impossible and lifted this  bow and broke it. Thus, Trishul of Mahadev(shiva) was additionally enriched with numerous forces. Shiva’s exceptional weapon was Pashupatastra, which he educated to a significant number of his lovers, including Parashurama. 

Mount Kailash is the focal point of the earth: According to Shiv Puran, Lord Mahadev(shiva) dwells on Mount Kailash. The Puranas portray the wonder of Mount Kailash, the tallest and the best among the mountains. Arriving in old occasions was not only everybody’s control. Mount Kailash and Mansarovar are viewed as the focuses of the earth. Mansarovar is the heavenly spot, which is viewed as the homestead of Shiva. It is one of the most significant journey site for Hindus. 

Mount Kailash is 22068 feet above ocean level and is situated in Tibet in the northern locale from the Himalayas. Since Tibet region is under China, Kailash parvath comes to China. Being encompassed by Manasarovar Lake further upgrades the strict significance of Mount Kailash. This spot has unique importance for different religions since old occasions. The different convictions and fables related with this spot show just a single truth, that is, God is reality, actually Shiva. 

Mahadev(shiva) Gana: Lord Mahadev(shiva) is constantly prepared to secure Lord Mahadev(shiva) and comply with his requests. Bhairava is viewed as the most conspicuous among his ganas. At that point comes Nandi’s number and afterward Virbhadra. The symbol of Bhairavji as defender (Kotwal) is additionally introduced any place the Mahadev(shiva) sanctuary is set up. Bhairava is in  two form  – Kaal Bhairava and Batuk Bhairava. Then again, Virbhadra was a courageous Ganesha of Mahadev(shiva) who isolated the head of Daksha Prajapati at the command of Shiva.According to Deva Samhita and Skanda Purana, Mahadev(shiva) made a Gan called ‘Virbhadra’ from his jata. Along these lines these were his boss gana-Bhairava, Veerabhadra, Manibhadra, Chandis, Nandi, Shringi, Bhrigirity, Shail, Gokarna, Ghantakarna, Jai and Vijay. Aside from this, vampires, devils and snakes, creatures are likewise viewed as the Ganesha of Shiva. All these ganas continue meandering in the earth and the universe and keep uplifting news of each individual, soul and so forth. 

Shiva’s guardian: No goddess or god, evil presence or devil could enter the region of Mount Kailash in that period without the consent of Shiva’s watchman. These guardians were positioned in all directions.> 

The names of these guardians are Nandi, Skanda, Riti, Taurus, Bhringi, Ganesh, Uma-Maheshwar and Mahakal. It is imperative that Nandi, the gana and watchman of Shiva, made Kamasastra. Kamasutra was composed based on Kamasastra itself. 


Mahadev(shiva) Panchayat: 

The choice of the panchayat is viewed as last. At the point when any significant choice must be taken between the fights of divine beings and evil presences, at that point the choice of Shiva’s panchayat was conclusive. Shiva’s panchayat comprised of 5 divinities. These 5 divinities were: – 1. Surya, 2. Ganapati, 3. Devi, 4. Rudra and 5. Vishnu These are called Mahadev(shiva) Panchayats. 

Mahadev(shiva) Councilor: Just as Jai and Vijay are Vishnu’s councilors, correspondingly Bana, Ravana, Chand, Nandi, Bhringi and so on are Shiv’s councilors. It is seen here that Nandi and Bhringi are additionally gana, likewise guard and councilor. 


Mahadev(shiva) image:

 The imprint which can be venerated by every single standard individuals, from the timberland inhabitant, the chunk of the stone, is viewed as the indication of Shiva. Aside from this, Rudraksh and Trishul are additionally viewed as the indication of Shiva. A few people additionally consider Damru and Ardh Chandra as images of Shiva. Be that as it may, a great many people love Shivalinga for example the light of Shiva. 


Shiva’s Cave

Mahadev(shiva) gave an aid to an asura that whosoever you lay your hands on will be expended. Because of this aid, asura’s name became Bhasmasura. He previously thought of eating up Shiva. Master Shankar fled from that point to escape Bhasmasura. Bhasmasura likewise began pursuing him.While running, Mahadev(shiva) halted almost a slope and afterward he manufactured a collapse this slope with his trident and he again stowed away in a similar cavern. Later Vishnu came and spared his life. The cavern is accepted to be on the slopes of Trikuta, 150 km from Jammu. Seeing these lovely slopes quiets the brain. Consistently several fans love Mahadev(shiva) in this cavern. 


Birth of Shiva

The introduction of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahadev(shiva) is a puzzle. The narratives of the births of the three are distinctive in the Vedas and Puranas, yet how much truth is there in the Puranic accounts of their introduction to the world and how evident are the tales written in the Vedas of their introduction to the world, need an investigated view.Here it is to be remembered that God is unborn. There are numerous accounts in various Puranas about the introduction of Lord Mahadev(shiva) and Vishnu. As indicated by Mahadev(shiva) Purana, Lord Mahadev(shiva) is considered as Swayambhu while as per Vishnu Purana, Lord Vishnu is Swayambhu. 

As indicated by Mahadev(shiva) Purana, when Lord Mahadev(shiva) was scouring nectar on his lower leg, at that point Lord Vishnu was conceived from him, while as per Vishnu Purana, Brahma was conceived from Lord Vishnu’s navel lotus, while Mahadev(shiva) is said to have started from the greatness of Lord Vishnu’s brow. . As indicated by Vishnu Purana, Mahadev(shiva) consistently remains in Yogamudra because of the sharpness of the brow. 

Everybody needs to know the account of Shiva’s introduction to the world. As indicated by Shrimad Bhagwat, when Lord Vishnu and Brahma were overpowered by pomposity, battling themselves as unrivaled, at that point Lord Mahadev(shiva) showed up with a consuming column which nobody could get Brahma or Vishnu. 

In the event that somebody has a youth, there will most likely be a birth and an end. The Vishnu Purana portrays the kid type of Shiva. As indicated by this, Brahma required a youngster. He did compensation for this. At that point out of nowhere Mahadev(shiva) the crying youngster showed up on his lap. At the point when Brahma approached the youngster the purpose behind crying, he answered honestly that his name isn’t ‘Brahma’ so he is crying. 



At that point Brahma named Mahadev(shiva) as ‘Rudra’ which signifies ‘wearer’. Mahadev(shiva) despite everything didn’t stay quiet, so Brahma gave him another name, however Mahadev(shiva) didn’t care for the name he despite everything didn’t stay silent. Along these lines, Brahma gave 8 names to quietness Mahadev(shiva) and Mahadev(shiva) got known by 8 names (Rudra, Shrava, Bhava, Ugra, Bhima, Pashupati, Ishaan and Mahadev). As per Mahadev(shiva) Purana these names were composed on the earth.

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