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Hubli is also known as Hubballi.It is located in the north-west region of Karnataka state.It is also known as mini Mumbai because it is considered the top no.1 commercial city in Karnataka.It has the highest number of government offices in Karnataka after Bangalore.

It was nominated for the solar city and smart city project in 2016.It is second largest city in Karnataka.The term Hubballi means hoovina balli which means ‘flowering creepers’.The local language of Hubli is Kannada.

History : 

In ancient time Hubballi was called Purballi.It was under Vijaynagar Rayas.Hubli Grew has a very strong commercial area for trading cotton,saltpetre and Iron.

When Hubli was ruled by Adilshahis, Britishers established a big Industry plant here, which was then looted by Shivaji in 1673.The Mughals then conquered it and it went under the rule of Nawab of Savanur, who built a new firm Majidpura.

Hubli’s famous Moorsavir math was established during the period of Basaveshwara’s and became the tourist spot of Hubli.It was conquered by the Marathas in the year 1755,It was then conquered by Hyder Ali and again it was recaptured by Marathas in the year1790.

During this period the old town was governed Phadke under the Peshwas and the new town was governed by Sangli Patwardhan.The British took over Hubballi from Peshwas in 1820.

Railway workshop was started British in the year 1880 and with this Hubli was recognised as Industrial centre in the South region of India.

Economy :

It is strong in the Commercial firm because it was known has the Industrial centre in ancient times and has more than lakhs of small and large scale industries.Govenment of India has set up Software Tech-park in different regions of Hubballi.

One is placed near Hubli’s Airport and the other one named Aryabhata Tech Park in Navnagar.The city is situated between Malnad and the Deccan plateau.Malnad is well know for its forest region.Malnad has forest based Industry regions and also has Agriculture production of Cotton,Ground nuts and Oil seeds.

In recent time,The major Boost of Industry region in here is due to establishment of a new-generation diesel locomotive shelter by Indian Railways.These is the largest holder of EMD locomotives in India and was established in the year 1880.

Transport : 

Airport :

Hubballi Airport

Hubli’s airport is Domestic which is situated in Gokul road,8 km far away from city.It is 2nd busiest airport in Karnataka.

Railway :

Hubballi Rail

Hubli’s Railway is one of the most busiest Railway stations in South part of India.Though it has 4 platforms,It is considered the 2nd largest Railway station in Karnataka after Bangalore.

The Headquarters of South Western Railway zone is located in Hubballi.The Hubballi Division is considered has  one of the highest revenue generating divisions in India.Hubballi Railway is well connected to all the Railway network of India.

Hubli-Dharwad Bus

Hubballi BRTS

Hubballi-Dharwad BRTS is a Bus rapid transit system.BRTS is built to serve transportation between the twin cities Hubballi and Dharwad, which located in the North-Western part of Karnataka state in India.

BRTS was built has a project for long term economic growth region in Karnataka.BRTS promotes safe, comfortable, fast and affordable mode of transport between the twin cities(Hubballi-Dharwad).The path line or length of BRTS bus region is 22 km from Hubballi to Dharwad.

Best Places to Visit Near Hubli


Atthivery bird sanctuary

Sathod falls

Shirley falls


Hanging Rope bridge on river at yellapur


Gokak falls

Mugod falls

Castle Rock

Godichinqmligi falls



Badami caves

Vajra falls

Jog falls

Gadag zoo

Sintheri rocks at Dandeli

Psykes point dandeli

Amboli ghat

Kali river at Dandeli


Mundgod Tibetan villages


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