Aed machine

Best AED machine (2020)

July 11, 2020 James 0

Now the AED  machine will tell how many more times a person has to press his chest to bring the insulted person to consciousness.

What Is E Cigarette

What is E cigarette(2020)

January 9, 2020 James 0

What is E cigarette : On September 18, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced that the Union Cabinet has decided to ban e-cigarettes. This means that the manufacture, import / export, sale and advertising of e-cigarettes will be banned completely.


Best tips how to control Diabetes in 2020

July 1, 2018 James 0

How to control Diabetes :The number of diabetics people worldwide is increasing rapidly, especially in India. The level of glucose in the blood increases more than usual in this disease, and blood cells can not use this sugar.

tips to increase your brain power

Best Tips to increase brain power 2020

June 2, 2018 James 0

The human brain is like a powerful machine that regulates thinking, senses and motion. In it, large quantities of photos, words and events are collected, through which functions like respiratory, blood circulation, hormonal control are conducted in the body.Below are the tips to increase brain power