Tips to add volume to your hairs | Natural ways to add volume to hairs.

Tips to add volume to your hairs 

hair volume
Hair volume
How to add volume to hair: Hair problems are increasing due to erratic lifestyle, lack of nutritious elements in food and increasing pollution. Hair fall and hair fall are the major problems. If there is 60-100 hairs falling every day, then there is nothing to worry about it, but if you are getting more hair than this, do not ignore it at all, because you may be bald because of it. You can easily make your hair thick and strong by trying natural methods.

Important causes of hair loss

1.Excess Smoking

2.Have some kind of infection in the head.

3.Taking more stress

4.Nutritional deficiency in the body


6.Hair starts falling in women after having a baby.

7.Vitamin B deficiency

8.When there is deficiency of iron in the body or anemia

In this way, any of these deficiencies may be the cause of hair loss.

Tips to add Volume to hair naturally

1.Aloe Vera

How to add volume to hair : Aloe vera is a boon for hair, it is a natural shampoo that makes hair shiny and soft and makes them strong from the root. Apply aloe vera directly to the hair for one hour before bathing, then after that clean the hair with shampoo. By doing this for one month, the problem of hair fall will be overcome.

2.Excess Shampoo

How to add volume to hair :Excessive use of shampoos and use of wrong brand shampoos also cause hair fall. Some people shampoo their hair daily, due to which this problem can occur. According to experts, only those people who have more oily hair should not shampoo daily in normal hair.


Hair volume :Amla is not only healthy to eat but it also makes hair strong. Applying Indian gooseberry makes hair strong and thick. Drying the gooseberry and mixing it with water, applying hair regularly stops hair fall.


Hair volume : Massaging the hair also makes the hair thick and soft. Lightly massage coconut and jojoba oil with forces in the hair. After massaging with oil, wrap the hair in a hot towel, this gives extra conditioning to the hair.

5.Straightners and other hair appliances

Hair volume : Due to many types of use in hair, hair also starts to weaken and break, so avoid using it in hair. Regularly dyeing hair, using hair drawer more, resorting to hot rod to make hair straight or curly, etc., weaken your hair.


Hair volume : Stress is also one of the major cause of hair fall. Hair also starts falling due to stress and depression, so try to avoid stress. Do yoga and exercise regularly to avoid stress.


Applying banana, honey and lemon paste to the hair makes the hair strong and thick. Make a hair pack by mixing these three and apply it to the hair half an hour before bathing, then wash the hair with normal water. By doing this for one month, the problem of hair fall will be overcome.

8.Eating Curd

Apart from eating curd, it is very beneficial for hair. Make a paste by mixing two teaspoons of lemon in a bowl of yogurt, apply it on the hair and leave it for 10 minutes. After that wash the forces with normal water. This will remove hair dandruff and make hair thick and soft.


Take a yellow portion of egg in a bowl, add two teaspoons of honey and two teaspoons of olive oil and make a paste. Apply it on the hair for 10 minutes and wash it with plain water. By doing this daily, hair becomes strong and thick.

10.Balanced Diet

A balanced and nutritious diet has a very important role in strengthening hair and growing new hair. Due to adequate intake of protein, our hair gets stronger and new hair grows. Apart from protein, vitamin B, zinc, iron and copper are also essential for hair. Therefore, pay special attention to food.

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