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How to avoid hair fall

how to avoid hair fall
Hair Fall
Those whose hair fall in a large amount, they are always very upset. Whenever they make hair, they lose hair very much from their heads. In the event of excessive hair loss, this problem becomes quite distracting. Baldness in the men causes more hair loss. Today this problem is no longer restricted to a certain age group.

Humans from 15 to 40 years of age are affected by this problem. As soon as you get out and come out bathing, your hair is completely wet. As soon as you use towels to dry your hair , so many hair fall and get stuck in your towel.

Remedies to prevent hair loss

1. Treat your hair with softness. Avoid combing wet hair.

2. How to stop hair fall the best thing to do is massage your head daily with a good oil. This will nourish your hair and increase blood circulation in the head. Healthy hair will also grow by doing this routine regularly.

3. How to stop hair loss, avoid using the hair comb combing method. This causes pressure in the root of the hair and they break down.

4. Nowadays people use a new hairstyle to look beautiful. But as soon as you come back home, take care of hair and clean them well and put oil on them. Avoid giving too much heat to hair.

5. If the outside weather is too cold, do not wash your hair with hot water. This is another reason for hair fall. The hair gets weaken by the heat. This makes them easily break and fall.

Home remedies for hair fall

Fenugreek also protects against hair and nourishes it from falling. To use fenugreek for hair, soak the fenugreek seeds in water for overnight. After this, grind mashed fenugreek seeds in the morning and make paste, add 2 teaspoons of curd and white egg whites in this fenugreek paste, mix it well and apply it from the roots of the hair to the full length. Let it be like a hair mask for one to two hours in the hair and wash the hair with the help of a mild shampoo.

Hibiscus for hair fall problem
Hibiscus or Jaswant's red colors are very special for hair. Bake Jaswant's flowers in pure coconut oil. When the color of the flowers turns black, filter it out with oil and keep this oil in a bottle. Regular use of this oil removes hair problem for any reason.

Vitamin E oil for Hair fall treatment
Vitamin E oil is a very effective solution to strengthen weak hair roots. Lighten the massage of Vitamin E oil in the roots of hair and keep it covered in hair all night. It is a bit sticky, so remove the excess oil by shampooing in the hair in the morning.

Hair loss with coconut milk
Coconut's natural pure milk is good for hair. It is a very effective product that nourishes hair cells. Take out the juice of coconut and juice. Squeeze it well to remove the juice. Put it nicely on your head to prevent hair from falling.

Hair fall solution with neem treatment
Neem plant is good not only for your hair and skin, but it is an antiseptic that removes the effect of viruses and bacteria. Take some fresh neem leaves from the garden and boil them. Boil it until the water of the vessel is half and its color is not green. Now cool it down and gradually put it on your hair starting from the roots to tip.

Hair fall control tips  with Amla
Measures to prevent hair loss, Amla has been used by people for decades to make weak hair stronger. Take some amla and boil  in coconut oil. Boil it until its color  turns fully dark black. Apply this oil from the roots to tips  your hairs vertically. This is a very effective method to prevent hair loss.

Onion juice for hair fall solution
Onion is a good source of sulphur, which helps in increasing the amount of collagen in the hair. Applying its juice on the head gives relief from hair loss. Take a onion, cut it into small pieces and pour it into blender and remove its juice. Put this juice on your head and hair properly and keep it for 15 minutes.Now wash the hair with a gentle shampoo and leave them to dry naturally. Using this method twice a week will give you great benefits.

Garlic to stop hair fall
Measures to stop hair from falling, Sulfur is found in abundance in garlic just like onion. This is the reason that there is the amount of garlic in all the traditional medicines that help in the growth of hair naturally. Under this method, grind some garlic cloves. Mix coconut oil in it and boil it for a few minutes.Now let it cool down and after this, massage the head with this mixture. Now leave it for half an hour and then wash your hair. Be sure to use this process twice a week.

It is usually used as a natural hair color and conditioner, but there are properties in Hena that strengthen your hair. If you mix it with other products then it will be a better hair pack.
Take 250 grams of mustard oil in a vessel and add 60 grams of washed and dry leaves of dry leaves. Now boil this mixture until the leaves are burnt and filter oil with it. Make this daily massage of your head and put the remaining oil into an airtight vessel. You can also make a pack by adding dry Henna powder with curd. Apply it on the skin and hair of your head and wash it after one hour.

Beautiful, dense and long hair are a huge contribution to women's looks. In such a situation if your hair starts to fall due to some reason, then there is a lot of problem for you. To get rid of the problem of hair fall try the following tips.

Hair re-bonding and coloring
The more you tamper with your hair, the less likely it will be. If you want to color the hair always use good color, and then use after color nutrition. The hair can not cope with the heat well. Do not use rollers and hair dryers more. If the hair gets more exposed to heat then it becomes weak. Wash the hair with cold or lukewarm water.

Eating habits
Those who do not eat nutritious food in their diet, their hair becomes weak. Foods containing vitamins like food like pumpkins and carrots, vitamins like food, such as almonds and pears and vitamins containing cinnamon and citrus fruits. Eat healthier fats so your body can absorb these vitamins in the body. Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish and walnuts help these vitamins in the body and provide healthy hair.

Due to hair fall ( if your hair is falling, do not stay in tension with it, otherwise this problem may be more complicated. Stress is the main cause of hair fall in most cases. Do not overload your mind. Yoga, meditation and long breathing will benefit you.

Imbalance Harmone
Hormones can cause hair loss even if there is any imbalance in them. Many women complain of hair fall after the birth of a child. In this situation, your genes only determine the health of your hair. Keep your food full of nutrients and do not forget to pay attention to hair even during pregnancy. In the condition of hyper-thyroid, you also lose hair. So, if you are troubled by the speed of hair loss, contact a good doctor.

Coconut oil hair loss treatment
Coconut oil is rich in vitamins and is best for hair. Heat this oil and massage slowly on the head. After this, take a towel and immerse it in hot water. After this tie it around the head. With this method, your head absorbs all the oil in its own right. Leave it for 10 minutes and wash with a shampoo. Use this method for strong hair 1 times per week.

Dandruff not only damages your hair, but also the skin of your head. It is a fungal infection that needs immediate redress. Keep your head clean by shampoo continuously. Those whose hair is smooth, leave them shampoo one day.

Before going to sleep
Hair loss treatment (baal jhadne ka ilaaj), wash all the substances present in the hair. Keeping a product of overnight hair can be detrimental to hair. If your hair is long then remove the lumps and bind a loose peak. Use the pillows of satin.

my last advice would be to be patience and follow the above tips

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