Hair care tips during winters-winter hair tips-hair treatment during winter

Tips to take care of your hair during winter

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hair tips
Hair treatment :Your hair needs adequate moisture and nutrition in every season. But at the time of freezing, there is a lack of nutrition in your hair, because with the change in the weather, they become very rude. You can get various types of hair products manufactured by various local and foreign companies.

Every person does not consider it suitable to use these beauty products due to their side effects, so you can make your hair healthy and attractive even with the help of simple home remedies. Even in the cold sun rays can be quite harmful and may damage your hair. This problem can also get rid of home remedies.

At any one time in the cold you will find your hair going to get worse. Both are the most common problems in hair and cold hair cold. You have to save a lot of time to protect against hair loss, frustration and weakness.

There is considerable change in the level of moisture in the time of freezing, and this causes many hair problems. Take good care of the hair with proper remedy and you will find that your hair has become quite healthy and beautiful.

Do you remember the moments of your past when you see your dull and confused hair when your hair was beautiful? So now it's time to make your hair smooth and beautiful. This natural remedy can be done for any type of hair.

Hair treatments

Hair tips :In the winter season, not only white snow, but also on the white skull of 'dandruf' on our scalp. In this season there is a risk of itching and flaky dandruff due to low moisture in the air. According to experts, using the dryer in this season will make the hair condition worse and worse. Applying hot oil, which is made of lemon and oil, is a simple and best way to curb the problem of dandruf. Put it on the whole head and then massage for a few minutes.

Fixed hair (Frizz free)
Less moisture in the air does not shine hair, but it gets entangled with sweaters, scarves, hats and gloves. Very hot water, dry hair, so wash hair with lukewarm water of hair care. Use a comb whose brushes are made of plastic or pig hair. A layer of living conditioner on the hair helps to maintain lubrication for long periods of time.

Bouncy and shiny
It is very difficult to get the hair bouncy and silky in winter. Dry and worn hair are more dull and inanimate. Honey can be your partner to protect this problem. Combine hair properly, resolve the confusion and apply honey in hair roots. Wear a shower cap. Leave for 30 minutes and wash later with hot water. In this process, hair will again become young, shiny and bouncy. This is the best way to care for hair in the winter season.

Whole dry
In the winter the hair mostly do not dry completely. Pairing moist hair is not the right decision. Wet hair is the root cause of hair problems, so do hairstyles when hair is moist and wet. Let them dry completely.

Conditioner and conditioner for hair care
Hair care tips, conditioner to play excess moisture in the hair during the winter season, plays a very big role. To get additional benefits, you can add conditioning oils in the conditioner, but select the oil without lubricating. Leave the mixture of oil and conditioner on hair for 15 minutes and then wash with lukewarm water

Taking care of hair loss from moisture
While walking out, use scarves, hats and other things to cover the head. This will maintain moisture in the hair and the moistness of the hair will not be removed. With exposure to sun rays, hair moisture also goes away from bad weather and cold winds, so take safety measures to avoid them.

Remove Static from Hair (Remove the static from hair)
How to take care of hair, you have seen the stages stuck in the dryer due to static electricity. This is also with the hair and cold air is responsible for it. You can add hair to the hair by applying some substance or softener. It treats static well and protects hair from being dry and weak.

Shampooing less will retain the moisture
Shampoo also removes the essential oil of hair. More shampoo leads to hair loss of natural oil. Condition every hair after shampoo. Wash the hair with cold water before applying shampoo in the hair so that the hair is not saved from the moisture. If you leave a little conditioner in the hair, the moisture remains in the hair.

Humidifier temperature is moderate (Warm level in humidifier)
When the temperature outside the temperature is high, it can damage your skin. This is the condition of hair too, so keep the temperature of the humidifier or air conditioner balanced so that the temperature does not have much difference. When you go out of the hot room, your hair will be healthy.

Do not use hot water on the hair (Warm shower and hot water)
Do not use hot water while bathing. Washing the hair with hot water gives the hair the natural oil and the skin becomes dry. Use light hot or cold water to prevent harming the hair from heat.
Take some time off from your work and take care of the hair. This will keep your hair shiny even in the cold winter. Herbal oil will make your hair healthy.

Olive oil
Massage your head with warm olive oil on the head to maintain moisture. This will make your hair soft and hair roots will get nourishment.

Almond oil
Essential oils are good for hair and skin. Almonds contain Vitamin E and D which remove dryness from the body. Nourish the hair with almond oil, which makes the hair dry and glow in them. Take this oil and massage it on the head. Leave it in the hair overnight and wash it with lukewarm water in the morning. You will find that your hair has become more bright and healthy than before.

Aloe vera and coconut oil
Aloe vera gel has anti-viral and anti-fungal properties so that problems of dandruff and dry skin are removed. Mix the aloe vera gel removed from the leaves with coconut oil. Put it on your head and keep it for 1 hour. After this, wash it with plain water. It is good for hair growth and it also increases blood circulation in the head.

Roseberry herbs and coconut oil (Rosemary herbs and coconut oil)
Rosemary's herb strengthens the hair and nourishes coconut hair roots. You can put this mixture of Rosemary and coconut oil in the cold on the head. This causes the hair to grow again and get rid of the problem of hair loss, which is called alopecia.

General precautions
Do not apply hair problems, high alcohol mixed hair spray on hair and keep in mind that any fragrant products you put in the hair should not contain alcohol. With this the hair starts becoming weak due to drying. You also avoid using cold curl or blowdriver on hair. Using them, moisture goes away from the hair. With the help of good care and some special oils, you can keep your hair healthy even in winter.

Hair care tips in cold 

Use caps in sun
When you are facing sun during cold weather, it is very important to protect your hair from its rays. You can take the cap to avoid sunlight. A hat can also prove to be successful in protecting the hair from harmful rays of the sun. If you do not like wearing too much cap, you can also get out with a umbrella. The cap and the umbrella will serve as a protective shield on your hair.

Wentered hair brush for hair care 
After cleaning the hair, it is also very important to handle and protect them from them. So combing is a very important step, which you should follow. But while hair combing on the hair, people's hair falls significantly, causing the problem of hair thinning. One way to prevent this condition is to use a ventured hair brush. The brushes between the brushes are small in space, they hold the hair in the sense that while combing, you have to put pressure on the hair and consequently your hair drops in considerable quantity. So choose hair brush with the middle of which the holes are more wide.T

The right way of drying hair
When you wash your hair in shampoo with shampoo, you can not expect that it will dry quickly like summer season. So you have to find another option to dry your hair. Some women keep their wet hair covered with towels, and tied half hair dry.
But pairing wet hair like this is not advisable, because it can lead to many problems related to hair. These problems greatly affect your hair and head skin. You can dry your hair while sitting under the sun's natural light or you can dry your hair by running a hair dryer in normal or under pressure.

Shine and bounce for hair
Even in the cold times, women also like bright and bouncy bouncy hair. Hair problems, but at the time of the cold you need a different shine and bounce. Use the comb to repeatedly solve the confusion of hair.You can also use honey in the roots of hair, so that your hair gets extra brightness in the cold. After applying honey, make a bun of hair and then wear a shower cap. Wait for half an hour and then wash it with lukewarm water. This will improve the lifeless and damaged hair significantly and in the cold your hair will get a different shine.

I hope this article on hair treatment was useful to you.

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