Laser treatment for face,hairs and fat removal.

Laser treatment for face,hairs and fat removal.

Laser treatment for face,hairs and fat removal.
Laser treatment
You may have heard that if there is any shortage in beauty then now the doctor completes it. Often, after watching the film stars' skin and look, it does so that we wish we could take similar treatment. A common beauty treatment similar to this is laser therapy. What is Laser Therapy and how effective it is, with the help of Experts

What is laser?

The light ray of light in the laser treatment is inserted on the treatment area. It does treatment by going up or down the skin. Laser technology burns the unwanted part of the skin.

Are Laser Treatment Permanent?
Laser treatments are claimed to be permanent but it is not entirely accurate. Some treatments can be gentle, but this is very rare. Even after taking laser treatment you have to take its citings.

1.Laser Hair Removal
This treatment is used to remove unwanted hair on the body. Pulsed ND Yag Laser, Intense Pulsed Dioxide or Alexandro Laser is used for this treatment. The choice of laser is different for different people. Door hair destroys the hair follicles through hair removal. Pigment is destroyed in laser hair removal, therefore, as good as white skin and black or dark hair.
But the laser's risk is higher on those who have dark and dark skin. Laser is also not suitable for light colors and white hair.

What is the risk
Problems like itching can occur during and after laser hair removal. Sometimes the laser part gets burned too. However it soon gets cured. Someone might have a problem of hypergraphy because the laser burns the pigment. This can vary in skin color. Laser swat can also affect the gland (sweat glands). Since laser destroys the hair follicles, the skin becomes very sensitized. These folks save skin from sunlight.
But due to their lack of skin the skin burns in the sun. Laser Hair Removal is claimed to be a permeanant but it is not entirely accurate. Hair starts coming a few months after removing laser hair. However, their growth is very low. In such a situation, one person has to take one sitting per year after taking complete treatment.

Price: 5600-7000

2.Marks Removal
Birth mark, stretch marks, pigmentation and other types of stains are removed in Marx Removal. Zheien etc. can also be removed through laser. It is treated by Q Switched Ruby Laser, ND Yag Laser, Q Switched Alexandraite Laser. Through these lasers, different colors (injury etc.) are identified by the colors of the laser and accordingly. To remove the stretch marks, CO-2 laser is used.

Since the color of people in India is not very fair, they have a higher risk of hyper-pigmentation. The laser part can burn. If it falls on the affected part from the affected area, then it can cause significant damage. If you have lots of acne on your face then this laser is not good to use. Sometimes the laser is not effective. Blood may also occur during the laser. Although it gets better quickly. There may also be a siting in the year after the entire treatment.

Price: 2000-3000 per Sitting

3.Laser facials
Intense pulse laser is used in laser facials. In this, the layer above the skin is burned through the laser, which shows the new layer. This new layer does glow.
Price: 2-3 thousand rupees per sitting

In this technique it is very important to have an experienced doctor, so that the laser is equal on the whole face. If the hand stopped in any place then that part would burn. It was permanent. This facial too has to be done once in about two months.

Option: The option in the salon is facial, which is different for different skin. In this, the top layer is removed through a scrub. By which the new layer comes. You have to take a siting in about a month.

4.Fat Removal
Nowadays many people are troubled by obesity and for this laser has become commonplace. To reduce obesity, laser liposuction and eye liposuction are done. In this, the fat from the laser heat is burnt and that part of the body seems thin.

Through this, fat is less in the body but the weight does not decrease. Even after laser liposuction, you have to control your diet and exercise to maintain fitness. After laser, swelling, pain and closeness can remain. However it soon gets cured. The skin looks loose after surgery. Body shape can also worsen with laser, because if you do laser on any part, but not on the other, the entire body structure looks bad.
If you do not control your eating habits after surgery and do not exercise then you will get back the same fat as soon as possible. On the same part of the body, you may have to wait for 6-12 months for laser liposuction again.
Price: Depending on how much portion it has to do and how much fat to burn, it depends on how much you have to spend. You may have to pay about 2000 rupees to burn fat up to 10 centimeters from the Tummy.

Other options
 - Yoga, gym, dance, walking, etc. If you go to these options, then there is no risk to it and your weight is reduced even with your fat. It is a natural process and it comes in full body shape. Most of these can also keep you in control on many diseases such as BP, Sugar etc. and avoid many diseases. It also makes your body fit and it also glows on your face.

Botox process is to repair wrinkles. Do not laser in it, but allow the facial muscles to peel through injection. Although its dosage is very low, which does not cause much damage, but it has an effect on the various facial expressions of the face and the face appears to be irretiferous. Your emotions are not known properly.

Side effect
For some time after the Mark Botox, some people have headaches that recover within 24 to 48 hours. In very few cases it has been seen that the eyelids bend something. It gets cured in three weeks. Botox is not permanent. It has to be seated in 3-4 months. Emotions on the face are less visible in the absence of muscular work.

Price: 5000-10000

Other Options - Anti Aging Facials, Thermoharb

The lines and pit fall on the face with increasing age are corrected with filler. In this, laser is not given, but through the injection, the empty part is filled with 'colonization'.
Filler has to be done with great care. If it goes wrong a bit, it can cause serious damage. Filler under the eyes can affect the eyes. In some cases people started to appear blurry. Many such cases have also been shared on the Internet. Swelling can also come after filtration. Although it is cured soon after. If the filler falls down, then the skin looks rugged. Anyone has a problem with hyper-pigmentation.

Price: 5000-7000 per injection

Form before laser
In all the cosmetic laser clinic, before you undergo surgery, you are given a form that is written in it. That the doctor has told you everything about lasers and the results of laser can not be found in whole, partial or all at all. You sign on this form, thus doctors can avoid all types of accountability.

Why not laser?

There is some change in the body from the laser and for this reason you see results. But it can damage the body indoors, and in many cases, serious damage has also been noticed. One thing to note is that there is nothing permanent than laser and it has to take citations again and again. In such cases, other options are more beneficial, which do not harm any of the body and the cost is less.If you are dissatisfied with your laser or you have not received the results, then you can complain about it in the Medical Council of India, Delhi Medical Council or in consumer courts.

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