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how to get rid of dry skin

how to get rid of dry skin
Dry Skin
One of the reasons for the skin being dry is the surrounding environment. The skin is dry when cold air is running in winter. Many skin diseases such as eczema also grow. Taking a medicine for a long time can also dry the skin. The skin is dry even by the infection of germs.

This problem is usually seen in the winter season when your skin becomes unattractive due to high wind speed. Because at this time you lose the moisture of your skin, so you have to face problems like itchy on the skin's appearance. This can lead to many serious skin diseases and allergy and irritability also arise.

Rustic skin is a fairly common problem. Sebaceous glands are not functioning more and they create dry skin. This irritant skin causes irritation and itching. Fine lines and skin rupture can also be seen on the face at this time. Your skin becomes red too. These are the main symptoms of the rusty skin.

When crisp and dead skin develops on the skin, it is very shameful for people and especially women. It becomes more embarrassing when you go among people. There are several reasons for having a dry skin. Many people's skin is only born with birth, so many other people's skin becomes strained due to a medical problem.

Aging is also a cause of the rusty skin. As the age of a person increases, the natural oil deposited on his skin decreases, and this creates rusty skin. Nowadays, you can get many home remedies for rustic skin. This article has been told about them only.

Dry skin condition

In some cases dry skin / dry skin can be easily cured by using moisturizing lotion. But in other cases it is serious and it can reach its peak condition. If there is a long term problem of dry skin, then it can be a danger.Already dry dry people who have a cold dry season and the wind in winter can have a bad effect. Due to dehydration, the skin of the wells is dry. There may be a problem with fat and protein deficiency in the skin layer. Dry skin increases the sensitivity of the skin.

Due to dry skin, the problem of skin damage can also occur. Healthy eating habits and home remedies can help you get rid of this condition of the skin.
The problem of dry skin is temporary. Seasonal changes are the main causes of dry skin.

Here are some other reasons for dry skin.

Due to the lack of vitamins (Vitamin deficiency) 
essential vitamins such as Vitamin A, C and E, the skin is dry. Eat foods that contain high amounts of these vitamins.

In the freezing weather, the moisture content of the skin goes away and it causes the skin to become dry. The temperature of the temperature and moisture is dry skin. Use moisturizer for skin in winter.

Long bath and hot baths, 
in this way the skin becomes even more rigid than the bath. Some people have a habit of drinking 3-4 times a day. Hot water absorbs moisture from the skin and makes it dry.

Long exposure to sun, 
due to long stay in the sun, the skin becomes dry and its color faded. UV rays of sun snatch skin moisture. Sun's ultraviolet rays make the skin dry due to excessive sun exposure.

Beauty products 
 Machine for cutting hair or hair removal can also dry the skin.

When there is a low water level in the body, there is also dry skin.

Genetic (Hereditary) 
If you have dry parent skin you increase the possibility of having the same skin from birth. If you have family and relatives rough skin, your skin is likely to be dry. Therefore, if you have found rusty skin with your ancestors, it would be best to follow some home remedies.

History of eczema 
If you are one of those people who have had to face eczema in the past, your skin gets damaged and damaged in this process. If you have ever had eczema, then there is a lot of potential for dry skin.

Many times the stiff dose of antibiotic becomes dry and people's skin becomes dry. Therefore, it is best for you to take low doses of antibiotics. When a disease gets chronic then the doctor advises taking antibiotics with other medicines. Occasionally people with antibiotic may have a stiffness problem.

The effect of thyroid problem
 - People with hypothyroidism can also see dry skin layer. These people should frequently check their skin and take good care of them.

Skin texture 
- Some people have skin textures such that they are dry from the beginning. These people need extra care of their skin. It can be done to moisturize and remove dead skin on a regular basis.

Aging process 
- As your age increases, so many problems in front of you arise after one another. The problem of rusty skin is also a problem that results in aging. Along with aging, the skin layers start drying and natural oil becomes less. This leads to a problem of drought.

Home Remedies for Dry Skin-Dry Skin

Grind 1 small tomatoes and 2-3 small pieces of baked papaya into a mixer and make a liquid paste. Put this paste on your dry skin and face and then wash it with cold water.
Soak 6-7 almonds for the night. Grind them on the second day and paste them. Mix 1 tablespoon milk in it. Put this paste on your face and on dry skin. Wash with cold water after 15 minutes. The milk is natural moisturizer and it maintains moisture in the skin. The honey can also be mixed in this mixture.

Remove the seeds from baked orchards and then grind it. Mix 1 large spoon of lemon and olive oil in it. Mix well with this mask on dry skin. Take a ripe banana and add 1 big spoon honey. Put this mixture on face Honey is natural moisturizer and banana keeps moisture in the skin.
Mix 1 tablespoon rose oil and almond oil. Put this mixture on dry skin before sleeping.

Almond extract provides naturally moisture to the skin. Put the fresh extracts on dry skin and wash after 10 minutes.

Omega 3 fatty acids improve your skin
. It is found in acid avocado, linseed seeds, walnuts and fish found in cold water. The squeeze of this acid is available in the market, which can be applied on your face and on the skin.

Aloe vera gel se dry skin treatment in hindi Aloe vera gel is a great plant which is easily available in your kitchen garden. Just take a leaf of Elo Vera and take out the prison from it. You can get the best benefits from the Aloe vera gel, because it works naturally to provide moisture to the skin.With its use, your face of side effects will get rid of stubbornness. Aloe vera gel is also used in most of the moisturizers available in the market and in the beauty of the skin. But the naturally extracted gel will prove to be more effective.

The chocolate mask is ripe twacha ke upay. The chocolate mask is made of fat and the mask made of it removes dry skin from your skin, rubbing the skin and giving it enough moisture. To make this mask, take 3 teaspoons of cocoa powder, 2 teaspoons of honey and one spoon of mashed avocado in one box. Mix all the substances well on your body. Using chocolate masks, your facial scars and spots will be completely removed.

Grind oatmeal with baking soda with oats, add some soda and vanilla to it. Add a little lukewarm water to it and make a paste. Put this paste on your face and massage it with fingers. Keep it for 1 minute and then remove it.

Dahi (Yogurt se gharelu nuskhe for dry skin) People have been using curd for making their skin and face soft and beautiful for years. Curd for dry skin is amazing treatment. Mix one spoon of curd, 2 drops of lemon juice and 1 teaspoon honey. Mix well on your face.

Olive oil massage in the olive oil is nowadays people have become quite aware of their health, so getting olive oil at home is quite easy. People like eating olive oil instead of any oil. Take olive oil in adequate quantities and use it on your face and body. Massage it until it gets absorbed in your skin.

Take a little raw milk and milk it on your skin in such a way that your face and throat should be covered properly. Milk contains natural and good fats that bring back the lost moisture of your skin. Take a plain raw milk in a vessel and immerse the cotton gully in it. Now use it on your face. After using it for a while, wait for it to dry. After that wash with cold water.

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